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"Create Your Own Reality"

"Create your own reality." Many spend their entire life searching for what that statement means. Many hide behind fear. Many hide behind the opinions of others. Many will make every excuse of why something can't be. I once was that person. This viking symbol has become a part of my brand. It is in every part of my marketing. This symbol represents my life and my journey.

In 2018 I made a bold move. I decided to quit my day job to pursue my music. Many thought I was crazy. Many felt I was making an irresponsible decision. Many admired my boldness. I trusted myself. I followed my heart. In those days following my resignation from my job, I felt scared. I felt vulnerable. I felt free. It felt as though I was on top of a cliff looking out into the landscape free to explore. I was in control. I was free to roam this uncharted territory. And so my journey began...

The next 18 months became a time for evolving. I was evolving into who I wanted to be, who I wanted to become. This time was not only the most exhilarating time of my life, but also one of the most terrifying times. I was forced to look at every facet of my life. I experienced happiness. I experienced pure joy. I experienced loss. I experienced heartbreak. I felt every emotion. I felt every high. I felt every low. I lived in every moment.

Our lives are broken up in chapters. In order to find our most true authentic self, it takes shedding parts of our life that no longer serve us. Instead of looking at them negatively, I try to look at what I have gained from every tear, every smile, every good day and every bad day during that chapter. People come into our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime. It may take years for us to figure out where these people fit into that theory. Goodbyes and "see you laters" do not have to be a negative thing. Embrace the good times, learn from the bad times and move on.

Being selfish is ok. Taking time to refocus is ok. Taking time for ourselves is ok. Most importantly, it is ok to not be ok sometimes. I find myself in defense a lot of times trying to defend my decisions. The truth is...I don't owe an explanation to anyone. You don't either. We have one life to live. Why spend most of it living for someone else or for someone else's dreams?

Create your own reality. Live your life unapologetically.


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